Oak Island

ATMC has proudly served the residents of Brunswick County for 60 years, providing a full range of communications services, including Telephone, Cable TV, Broadband Internet, ATMC Security with Home Automation, and more. We’ve been providing fiber-to-the-home technologies since 2005 and we were the first provider in North Carolina to be certified by the Fiber to the Home Council. ATMC is a local company, and our dedication to providing unparalleled customer service is what sets us apart from the big, national communications companies.

We know that today’s customers demand higher broadband speeds to utilize cutting-edge technologies. That’s why we are excited to bring FOCUS, our 100% fully fiber optic network, to the residents of Oak Island.

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No. ATMC’s fiber optic equipment is at ground level unlike other providers which have pedestals above ground.
ATMC Internet and telephone services will each need a dedicated Cat5-e cable. Many homes are already equipped with Cat5-e. ATMC will provide one Cat5-e cable at no charge, if your home needs it to accept our FOCUS service.
Standard installation is included, with certain offers. Standard installation includes installation of an electrical outlet at the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and one Cat5-e cable, if needed. Installation of additional outlets, running additional wire(s), programming remotes/home integration devices is not included with standard installation.
Yes, ATMC has the ability to port your existing telephone number without an interruption of service.